@izalia Hi... I just saw your merge request to the pleroma relay - I really hope they will commit it very soon.
You seem to be the only maintainer atm... so thank you for your work. I really appreciate.

I tried to checkout your fork, it startet but I still cant connect from my mastodon instance. (stuck at waiting for approval) Maybe I did something wrong cause I am quite new to hosting my own instance and I dont know very much about this relay thing.

Anyway... I just wanted to say "thank you"

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@snafu Thanks. The relay isn't too complicated, so it isn't too much work to maintain. It's just a pain in the ass to get anybody to accept PRs atm. Sadly I don't think my PR will be accepted anytime soon, so I'll probably be maintaing my own fork. Btw did you checkout the 'main' branch? That's the one I'm using for my fork

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